Lithonia Community Information

Lithonia is an awe-inspiring community to live in with impeccable natural beauty intertwined with majestic homes and historical properties. The neighborhoods themselves are unique with citizens taking tremendous pride in the maintenance and upkeep of their city streets, their homes, their local cafes, and regional specialty shops. Although most working adults find employment outside city limits, Lithonia does offer employment opportunities in some very unique, highly specialized industries. To better understand this, a brief glimpse into the city’s history is necessary.

The small, friendly community traces its roots back to the early 1840s when a tiny settlement sprang up at the intersection of two roads. Aptly named Cross Roads, the town finally began to grow when the Georgia Railroad finally completed its rail line through the town in 1845. Running from Atlanta to Augusta, the railway played an integral role in the town’s economic growth and development. In the late 1840s, an educator teaching the Greek language to students at a local school combined the Greek words “Lithos” and “Onia”, translating to rock and place respectively, to officially rename the city.

By 1850, Lithonia had about 250 residents and in the 1880s the town eventually became chartered as a city and Lithonia began to experience real growth. With the invention of proper tools, locals began to quarry the huge supply of granite that surrounded the area. Coupled with the use of the newly designed steam drill, Lithonia’s worldwide prominence as a source of granite was assured. Artisans from all over the world soon arrived and began shaping and polishing the granite into curbing and paving blocks for streets. They also created beautiful slabs and blocks for buildings in cities across the entire nation. Today, although many of the quarries have been silent for years, others have gone from being locally owned to becoming resources for multi-national corporations. The end result is that thousands of tones of crushed stone are still transported from three of Lithonia’s granite sites each day.

Fortunately, local lawmakers saw the potential for growth beyond the granite industry and in the late 1970s constructed the town’s only industrial park. The park, some 800 acres, is now home to major conglomerates such as Griffith Laboratories, Weyerhaeuser Paper Company and Pet Foods, Inc. A part of DeKalb County, the city of Lithonia is a major focal point with the community offering small town atmosphere with big city conveniences. Located just 18 miles east of downtown Atlanta, Lithonia residents can make the simple drive into the complex city in a matter of minutes. Once there, opportunities are endless.

Atlanta is recognized as one of our nation’s fastest growing cities, combining cultural diversity with continuous economic growth. The city is filled with museums, performing arts centers, concert halls, theatres, parks, restaurants, and shopping malls. Atlanta is definitely no place for the weary or the faint of heart. When excitement calls, Atlanta is always there to answer.

Back home, Lithonia residents can relax within the confines of their gorgeous homes, walk along their clean streets, or play on the grassy fields in one of their splendid public parks. In autumn, golden leaves fall from the trees and during summer months warm bright sunlight is splintered by the same tree branches. This cozy setting offers locals a generous portion of comfortable living at a suitable price. So, if rest and relaxation in a friendly, family-oriented community is what you are looking for, Lithonia may just be the right place for you and yours to call home.